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Rose Tyler, Defender of Earth


"God, I know I haven’t been the most loyal to you, or the prayin’ kind. But I ask of you, as my Doctor is out there traveling the universe that you created, keep him safe for me. For I can no longer reach him.” -Rose Tyler

The year was 2053. Alone on a beach, a young blonde girl was watching as the waves crashed ashore. She laughed, sticking her foot into the warm water before stepping in completely, until she turned about and saw a man with a pinstriped suit out on the shore. She furrowed her brow in confusion; it was a hundred and so degrees, why would he be wearing a suit and tie? No matter, Daisy thought to herself as she dipped herself further into the water, splashing her  ivory colored skin and emerging herself in the water, gasping for air as she popped back up to the surface, shaking the water out of her hair and making her way to the shore. She was startled to see the man standing there with tears in his chocolate covered eyes, pain etched into every contour and line on his face as he muttered the word, “Rose?” Daisy shook her head, replying softly. “You must have been a friend of sorts of my grandmother, Rose Tyler. ‘M Daisy Hanover, Rose’s granddaughter. She passed away a couple of days ago…” She tilted her head to the side, observing the man’s features. 

Interested in a Roleplay? ((OOC))

Hello, this is a new Rose Tyler Tumblr account.

I am quite new to this, and am used to just doing Chatzy and random Omegle RPs.

If you would like to RP with my Rose, please ask to do so.


It all began with a throbbing headache, a rush of blood, and then the nurse came into the room to tell me that my husband John Smith had passed. I tried so hard to forget, so hard to be strong for the babe that was growing inside of me. I found myself faltering, and my health progressively getting worse by the day. Soon, the babe was gone from as well. I was alone in the world. I soon slipped under due to pain, and I dreamed of him..A man in a pinstriped suit with an amazing smile, nice hair. I thought I was in heaven. I called him Doctor, but then, I forgot..Forgot all about him. He was figment of my imagination, and I locked him away in a drawer in the back of my mind, never to release him again.